Testimonials For Time Is Money

I love your stuff! I want to add my own testimonial!

  Tim Harrington: Thanks a lot. This is customer support above and beyond what I could have expected. Time is Money is a real value. It's easy to for me to use to track my time and produces billing information that my clients' accounting department finds just right.
  Sharon Biggs: Thank you!! I LOVE this program. The only thing I would change is the memo fields. Would be much better if the memo field would automatically expand to accommodate the notes, whether 1 line or 30. With an expanding field, this would be the perfect time/report software!
  Lynn Spence (http://www.bprisc.com): This software really solved some problems for me. I consult on a number of different projects and there were many days I would forget to keep track of time worked on each. This program really helped me keep track exactly and it has really relieved stress I was feeling about billing and tracking issues. I even track administrative and e-mail answering as separate projects so I can see how much non-billable time I'm spending. I just realized I neeed to add two new projects: lunch/coffee breaks and computer games. Then the time spent on these would be right in front of me in black and white :).
  rodzilla: Guys - your software seems to fit exactly what I am looking for. Good job and well done!

I WOULD like to see a color feature associated with each Project somehow....This is not a functional matter - the program works great, but might make things a little more meaningful to look at...

Very cool software....
  Dianna: I really like that it sits in the corner by the system tray...that helps remind me to log in, maybe in the system tray would work, too, as an option. Although, personally I don't like too many things sitting in my system tray.
  Tony: You are a Genius
  Luke Poulin: Dear red-ring.com: I just want to thank you for such a wonderful program. After trying a dozen or so programs I finally found the one that fits my needs to the penny. The problem I found with all the other programs is that you could punch in and out but you couldn't edit your time or it was a big ordeal to put in jobs or categories and if your the type of person like me that does some work off the computer and have to put the time in manually. Well lets put it this way, its perfect its easy to use and works like a charm. I would highly recommend this program.
Best regards
Luke Poulin
  Neil Parry: I have run Time Is Money for a few weeks, I had never realized just how much time accumulates on the various "quick" interuptions to my regular tasks. I am now able to defend my position with my boss as to where all my time goes to.

Keep up the good work, I look forward to future releases.