Some templates have been created by others and are free to use.

Feel free to mix and match features from other templates. For example if you like a feature from one and want it placed in another, we will do that.

Also, logos, lettering and wording can be changed to your needs.

Template Samples

Ancients Egyption theme
Business Professional Business Professional
Built For Speed Fast loading site with no graphics
Business Curve Business theme with a little class
Desert Star Desert Star
Gold The color scheme of this site can be easily changed.
Grafitti A very colorful, retro 60's looking site
Gray Fox A fast loading, elegant looking site - very professional.
Grey Pinstripe A fast loading, conservative looking site - very professional.
High Contrast High Contrast
Hot Wire An 'electrifying' site (graphics intensive)
Mild A very simple site - fast loading
SandStone Forest A very graphic intensive site
Yellow/Blue Theme A very simple professional looking site.