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We prefer that support be done by email

We have only support around email, and monitor it for new posts. You may get an answer within a few hours, but it may take longer. Please email us your support requests using our Contact Form.

We ask this for two reasons:

  1. We can track your information if you write it down. Information is key in solving most support problems, and this is the easiest way to keep track of it.
  2. We can keep your priority. Using email allows us to manage and work efficiently towards everyone's requests.

What You Need To Email Us

The key to getting your request answered as fast as possible is information. The more of the following information you include, the faster we can help you:
  1. Version and Environment: We need the version number, product, and the platform you are running on.
  2. Testing: Can you recreate the problem - is it repeatable? What data did you use to create the problem?
  3. Problem Research: What did you find when you searched the FAQ?

We have made it easy to report bugs or problems by creating a Bug Report form for you to fill out.

Please note that free support is limited to six months after you purchased Time Is Money. After that time, Red Ring Software will decide whether to charge for support service.

Red Ring Software provides the following online product support options:

Frequently asked questions about Time Is Money.

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