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Announcing the release of Time Is Money 1.9.10
We are proud to announce the release of the version 1.9.10 of Time Is Money. Many new features and bug fixes.

Announcing the release of Time Is Money 1.9.8
We are proud to announce the beta release of the version 1.9.8 of Time Is Money. Many new features and bug fixes.

Announcing the release of Time Is Money 1.9.7
We are proud to announce the release of version 1.9.7 of Time Is Money. Many new features and bug fixes.

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We just finished another web site!
Red Ring Software has just finished a creating a web site for our latest customer: RaeGunn Enterprises. Check it out!

Time Is Money 1.9.6 is available
There are numerous bug fixes and new features. This is a must have upgrade and it's free to customers who have bought Time Is Money.

Custom reports
We have had a couple of requests for customizing reports. Although we do not do this for free, we will at least take a look at them to see if they can be included as part of a release of Time Is Money.

Bug Report and Contact Forms
We are very happy that these forms are being used. Putting any email addresses on websites invites a torrent of SPAM these days. We thank you all for understanding and keeping in touch with us. Plus other news...

Time Is Money Online
The latest version of Time Is Money now supports importing files from Time Is Money Online. We have improved the Online site's functionality and will be adding more features in the future.

Image Storage Services
Do you use eBay? Do you pay eBay to show extra images on your items? Don't waste your money any longer! We have just launched a new service!

Make Your Own Reports for Time Is Money
We can give you the program we use to generate reports. Give it a try.

Can I use Time Is Money from multiple machines against a shared database?
Yes, you can. Go to the link to read all about how to use Time Is Money over a network. We are also working on a true network version that will be available soon.

Some Time Savers: By Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
If you can recapture a wasted hour here and there and redirect it to a more productive use, you can make great increases in your daily productivity. Here are five of the techniques I share in our Time Management seminars, each one of which will help you to get at least one more hour out of your day of additional productive time.

Time Management Facts and Figures: By Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
During the last twenty years, after making over 2,000 presentations around the world, I have gathered some interesting facts and figures about Time Management and Personal Productivity for your use and enjoyment.